Manowar EP The Sons Of Odin

Manowar EP The Sons Of Odin

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The Sons Of Odin EP features over 25 minutes of total playing time.

Besides "The Sons Of Odin" - which features MANOWAR's patented, lion-heared metal riffs mixed with arena-rock stomping grooves and orchestral arrangements - the EP includes the title track from the upcoming Manowar full-length album "Gods Of War", an orchestral version of the new song "Odin" and live performances of "The Ascension" and "King Of Kings" from the Earthshaker Fest 2005.

Track List:

01 - The Ascension (Live) 02 - King Of Kings (Live) 03 - Odin (Immortal Version) 04 - Gods Of War (Immortal Version) 05 - The Sons Of Odin (Immortal Version)

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