• Manowar CD Gods Of War
  • Manowar CD Gods Of War

Manowar CD Gods Of War

Manowar CD Gods Of War

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More epic than ever!

GODS OF WAR is MANOWAR's first ever concept album.
Opening with the bombastic "Overture To The Hymn Of The Immortal Warriors", the tone is set for an album beyond anything MANOWAR has done before.

This album honors Odin - the almighty father of the Norse gods - and details the history and exploits of this storied character. His power and wisdom were unmatched among the gods and he is paid tribute with human sacrifice on the battlefield, as heard in the song "The Sons Of Odin", the stomping title track "Gods Of War" and the storytelling "The Blood Of Odin".

GODS OF WAR brings out the greatest of MANOWAR's musical attributes by utilizing both epic song structures and dramatic narratives. Much like Ragnarok - the final battle at the end of the world - when listening to MANOWAR's epic saga, the earth will shake, the walls will crumble and only true fans of metal will remain standing, heads held high, with the triumphant glimmer of a battle well-fought in their eyes.

GODS OF WAR features cover artwork by the world-renowned fantasy artist Ken Kelly.

Track List:

01 - Overture To The Hymn Of The Immortal Warriors

02 - The Ascension

03 - King Of Kings

04 - Army Of The Dead, Part I

05 - Sleipnir

06 - Loki God Of Fire

07 - Blood Brothers

08 - Overature To Odin

09 - The Blood Of Odin

10 - Sons Of Odin

11 - Glory Majesty Unity

12 - Gods Of War

13 - Army Of The Dead, Part II

14 - Odin

15 - Hymn Of The Immortal Warriors

Bonus Track:

16 - Die For Metal

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