CD Battle Hymns MMXI

CD Battle Hymns MMXI

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This special edition album pays homage to the band's iconic debut, featuring revamped tracks and electrifying performances. With powerful renditions and enhanced sound quality, fans will experience the timeless magic of Battle Hymns like never before. Dive into the epic world of heavy metal with this definitive release, where the spirit of battle reigns supreme. It features the British actor Sir Christopher Lee as narrator and the original Manowar drummer Donnie Hamzik.


Track Listing

1. Death Tone

2. Metal Daze

3. Fast Taker 

4. Shell Shock

5. Manowar

6. Dark Avenger

7. William's Tale

8. Battle Hymn

Bonus Track

9. Fast Taker ( Live 1982 )

10. Death Tone ( Live 1982)


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