Manowar CD 2 Disc Hell On Wheels Live

Manowar CD 2 Disc Hell On Wheels Live

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Manowar – Hell On Wheels (Live) 1997, an electrifying live album that captures the raw energy and power of a Manowar concert. Recorded during their tour in 1997, this album delivers blistering performances of fan-favorite tracks like "Hail and Kill" and "Metal Warriors." With its thunderous drums, shredding guitars, and commanding vocals, Hell On Wheels (Live) 1997 is a must-have for any true metal fan. Experience the adrenaline-pumping intensity of a Manowar show from the comfort of your own home with this epic live album.

Disc 1

1. Manowar

2. Kings Of Metal 

3. Kill with Power

4. Sign Of The Hammer

5. My Spirit Lives On

6. Piano Interlude

7. Courage

8. Spirit Horse Of The Cherokee

9. Blood Of My Enemies

10. Hail And Kill

11. Warriors Of The World

Disc 2

1. Wheels Of Fire

2. Metal Warriors

3. Army Of The Immortals

4. Black Arrows

5. Fighting The World

6. Thor The Powerhead

7. King

8. The Gods Made Heavy Metal

9. Black Wind, Fire And Steel

10. Return Of The Warlord

11. Carry On

12. Battle Hymn



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